Do It Today

Look, I get it. There are good days and bad days and endless diaper changing, mess cleaning, laundry doing days. Some days we’re hanging on just by a thread. But you know what? The cleaning and laundry can wait. It’s important to remember that these days are never coming back, today will be gone forever when tomorrow rolls in and one of those tomorrows will be your last day on earth.

You can holler YOLO and carpe diem or call those who do, crazy. But, whatever you do, be present, be in the moment. Not just for your kids to have good memories of you, but for yourself to absorb the most out of what’s out there for you. It may not be the sea, it may not be lavish or luxurious but there is beauty and peace everywhere, whether it’s in the woods, at the playground, in the park or simply anywhere in the company of a good friend.

So wherever you are in the world, whatever your surroundings look like. Get out, go somewhere, do something, see or experience something and just be with your kids. Do it today because if tomorrow is your last day you’ll be thankful for yesterday.