Ean At The Sushi Place

Ean is still mainly breastfed but he enjoys trying new foods. We’ve adopted a method of baby-led weaning which essentially lets him decide and be in charge of if, how and what he eats. We put it in front of him or in his hand and let him explore the texture and flavors on his own. By our limited experience this has been a lot more successful than purees and other traditional methods of getting baby to eat solids. This way he learns the color, shape and texture of what he eats and does so at his own pace. Try it, it works for us.

When Baby’s Get Sick

when-baby-get-sickFew things are more painful than seeing your child in pain and suffering, even if it’s just a cold, especially the first one. It was bad timing for us, but it was also the best timing. Having a sick child when you have family visiting isn’t the most fun way to spend holidays together but having family around when your child is sick is a godsend because everyone helps out and takes care of each other.

You never know when it’s going to hit and once it does it can be a biohazard zone of bodily fluids dispersed all over the place. With that in mind there are a few things you should have at home at all times in case of sickness and you might not be able to get to a pharmacy. Continue reading

His Distraction – My Productivity

When you have a baby, very little time belongs to you. You can usually not leave the room and often barely look away from baby unless you have some kind of distraction. Toys don’t really work with Ean, he plays with them for a few minutes but then he gets bored. As I mentioned in my post about toys and babies I’m not interested in buying a million toys to keep his short attention span occupied to the point where my house looks like a toy factory.

Ever since he was born, he wanted to observe and study, not an unusual interest for a newborn. Regardless if it was at the shapes in the visual stimulation videos or if it meant simply staring into the ceiling fan as it spun around, toys never gave him the same stimulation.

About a month ago when the house renovation was settling down I still found that I wasn’t able to be productive, neither with stuff around the house nor with my work. Against my will (believe me, I hate repetitive children songs) Ana insisted that I try a Youtube Channel called Super Simple Songs. I refused for the sake of my sanity but when I saw how easily she could spend 20 minutes folding clothes with him chilling in his seat watching and listening to “the wheels of the bus go round and round…” and other timeless classics, I decided I had to try. Continue reading