Ana Tells Her Delivery Story

DSC01332-anas-storyI don’t make it a habit of having guest writers on the blog but for my wife I’ll make an exception, not only for her but for everyone out there who might be expecting, to get an inside look into┬áleast one woman’s head. Obviously everyone is different and has a different experience but here’s how her day played out. Ana, the floor is yours.

On June 12th 2015 at 14:00 my water broke with a splash, just like in the movies. As much as hospital people tell you it doesn’t happen like in the movies, sometimes it can happen. What I didn’t know was that it doesn’t stop. It keeps leaking, refilling and leaking until you finally have the baby. From the shower I checked that Emil was packing everything that we needed (electronically speaking). We called a taxi and at 15:15 we were already in the delivery room. Continue reading