The Destructive Community of SAHD’s


Some things are better said than read, so I decided to record it. Watch and listen, or read the article below.

I’ve never been what people might call “a team player”, nor do I enjoy the idea of conforming to ideas that I disagree with or don’t think seem logical or constructive. Whether I was a performer, DJ or desk clerk I always went my own way and that doesn’t go well with the other “team players”. Deciding to become a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) kind of, whether I liked it or not, pushed me into that “team player” mentality where a large group of people come together over a mutual idea.

I’ve never been a father before, certainly not a SAHD and I haven’t even been around babies a lot, or at all in my life. If there was ever the need for support from a community of “peers”, this was it. Continue reading