Second Round Of Babies Are Popping Out!

Screenshot 2017-03-23 22.51.47No no, not us, but everyone around us are throwing themselves into their second pregnancy left and right. Ana put it quite nicely when she said “When I’ve slept 8 hours per night for 1 week, I’m ready to have another child”.

Personally I’m way too focused on Ean to even consider the idea of another kid. I don’t want anything to distract me from this mission of guiding him closely over the first years of his life. From birth to the age of 3, there is an insane amount of transformation and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

I’ve asked some of my friends who made this decision to have a child so close after the first one and they say the same, either that they just want to pop out the amount of kids they wished and be done with it, or they simply want the kids to be similar age.

Personally I strongly disagree with that. If we look past my obsession for details and wanting to dissect every moment and experience with Ean before anything else, it’s still an issue that is larger than just having age compatible kids. Continue reading

Ana Tells Her Delivery Story

DSC01332-anas-storyI don’t make it a habit of having guest writers on the blog but for my wife I’ll make an exception, not only for her but for everyone out there who might be expecting, to get an inside look into least one woman’s head. Obviously everyone is different and has a different experience but here’s how her day played out. Ana, the floor is yours.

On June 12th 2015 at 14:00 my water broke with a splash, just like in the movies. As much as hospital people tell you it doesn’t happen like in the movies, sometimes it can happen. What I didn’t know was that it doesn’t stop. It keeps leaking, refilling and leaking until you finally have the baby. From the shower I checked that Emil was packing everything that we needed (electronically speaking). We called a taxi and at 15:15 we were already in the delivery room. Continue reading

T Minus 10 weeks ’til Touchdown! (Recap of Pregnancy)


Oh it’s getting really real! We’ve just entered the 31st week of pregnancy and should be less than 10 weeks from birth. Ana is looking, doing and feeling great. Yes, she’s a ball and it’s getting a bit harder to breath comfortably at times due to the pressure of the ever growing baby but everything seems to be on track and we’re approaching the finishing line. What has the pregnancy been like up until now? Continue reading

I never wanted a baby. What changed?

no childrenMost people generally have the ambition to one day get married and have kids. It’s usually the standard plan. That was never the case for me. I discovered music and art at a young age and even before that, while my friends were looking at centerfolds of porn magazines, I preferred the centerfolds of astronomy books that had those glow in the dark constellations. I remember sitting out on a dark meadow at night, trying to find Cassiopeia, the Pleiades and Orion.

The pattern stayed the same when I discovered DJing at the age of 13. At the youth center, while the other kids were trying to impress girls with guitars and drums, I was spinning vinyl in a storage room downstairs. I was always outside the box of normality. Hey dad, remember the pimpy 80’s fur coats I recycled from your old wardrobe? Oh lord… Continue reading