Getting The Most Out Of Your Photos

Processed with MOLDIVI’ve said this before but I can’t stress enough how important post production is to photos. We all take thousands of photos of our kids over the years and in this digital day and age (gosh I sound like a proper geezer) we don’t pay as much love and attention to the photos as we used to do when we were limited to 30 pics per roll.

Obviously there is nothing but benefits from this development and on top of that we now have editing tools right inside our phones to make our pictures go from the above left picture, to the right one. The difference is dramatic and for me makes the difference between just another picture in my huge library and a photo I would actually like to print and frame.

Don’t worry, you’re not here to study or learn anything… I just wanted to give you the name of the apps and give a shout out to Snapseed which allows me to make a mundane image pop and TADAA SLR (probably worst app name ever) for that delicious shallow depth of field (the blurry background also known as bokeh).

Regardless which image editing tool you use, this shows how incredibly important post production is and how it makes the difference between a Tuesday and a lifetime memory. Below you’ll find a link to my Instagram, if you do have any specific questions about how to do what with your photos just shoot me a message on Facebook.



Your Digital Photos Need This Badly

photo-books-reviewWhen we were approaching Ean’s first birthday I was going through all the photos that I had taken over the past year and it was literally thousands. If you look at just my Instagram, I posted about 900 photos in just one year. That’s a lot!

We all do this, snap away thousands of photos but we hardly ever do anything with them except posting them on social media or store them on our devices, which is a shame. Life, photos, memories are individual pieces of art that should be enjoyed on a regular basis, not something you scroll through while you’re on the toilet without WiFi.

For me, photo albums are boring. The format, the rigid order of it all just doesn’t speak to me, I’m more of a collage type of person. As extroverted as I am, I also don’t want giant prints of myself and my family around the house. The artist in me wants to be able to show them, but in a way that’s more cohesive and dynamic but not messy and fragile at the same time, and so I went online to look at options and absolutely fell in love with the idea of making my own photo books.

One thing that especially struck me was the ability to connect to Facebook or Instagram via their printing service and automatically upload photos straight away and have it printed. You just pick the photos you want to use, then choose your cover and layout, add your delivery address and you’re done. Here’s a video going over some of my impressions and keep scrolling for a complete rundown…

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