The Subjectivity Of Our Memories

the-subjectivity-of-memories2With Ean still in the womb I was diligent in playing music I grew up with, music I related to and felt to be “home”. Everything from Swedish folk music to Motown… all of that which was a part of me and my upbringing (well, the positive things anyway), I felt a natural need to pass that onto Ean.

It wasn’t until today when I really dissected this thought and idea that I realised the triviality and pointlessness of it. My memories are mine and the only reason why I have a special connection with the music, food and isms that I’m trying to pass onto him, all of them are special because they are just that… MY connections.

My generation hears 8 bit music and just the mention of Nintendo makes me giggle. We spent hours trying to beat those damn levels and bosses. The long Swedish summer days that never seemed to end (which they kind of didn’t except for a short dip into darkness for an hour or two) and the snowy winters, all of which bring back a lot of wonderful memories that I shared with my friends and family. But here we are, in Malta. The sea is right under our nose, it never gets cold and 8 bit Nintendo is now an acquired taste with a bittersweet taste of nostalgia. Continue reading

Parenting classes – Do You Need To Be Taught The Oldest Job In The World?

parenting-classesWhether you’ve planned it or not, the news about becoming a parent will throw you for a loop. Once you’ve recovered from the initial shock, the reality of the daunting task’s ahead will slowly come seeping down into your consciousness. One of them will be the inexplicably panicking question of “Will I be able to handle it?”. Continue reading

How Many Toys Are Too Many Toys? (BTBB)


BTBB – Before The Baby’s Born is a series where I compare something I imagine how it’s going to be and what it actually is like After The Baby’s Born (ATBB).

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents, is the constant cleaning up and organizing of toys. I never understood this and now as I embark on becoming a father myself, I still don’t understand it.

I mean, the math is easy. If there are no toys to take out, there are no toys to put back. No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your child toys… but isn’t there a better balance to be maintained if it is such a daily battle for you to deal with? Continue reading

National Identity in a Multilingual Home

Hello word cloud in different languagesMy father was born in Iraq, my mother in Iran. Both of them are of Assyrian decent. I was born in Iran and because my parents are Assyrian, we speak Assyrian with each other and I call myself Assyrian. Due to the inconvenience of risking having our heads chopped off by muslims during the Islamic revolution, we fled Iran when I was only one year old.

I grew up in a small Swedish suburb, one of very few immigrants. I was well integrated and obviously spoke the language fluently and flawlessly. At home we spoke Assyrian but the rest of my linguistic stimulation was Swedish. 30 years later I moved to Malta. Continue reading

I never wanted a baby. What changed?

no childrenMost people generally have the ambition to one day get married and have kids. It’s usually the standard plan. That was never the case for me. I discovered music and art at a young age and even before that, while my friends were looking at centerfolds of porn magazines, I preferred the centerfolds of astronomy books that had those glow in the dark constellations. I remember sitting out on a dark meadow at night, trying to find Cassiopeia, the Pleiades and Orion.

The pattern stayed the same when I discovered DJing at the age of 13. At the youth center, while the other kids were trying to impress girls with guitars and drums, I was spinning vinyl in a storage room downstairs. I was always outside the box of normality. Hey dad, remember the pimpy 80’s fur coats I recycled from your old wardrobe? Oh lord… Continue reading