The Biggest Benefits Of Starting To Walk

the-biggest-benefits-of-starting-to-walkAs I was saying last week, everyone will tell you what a big change it is when baby starts walking. The hazards, the horror stories, the constant running after, but there is one thing nobody mentioned; energy depletion!

Once Ean had started crawling at the age of 7 months, the world opened itself up to him and there were so many things to discover and do. For me it meant constantly cleaning the floor because he was dragging himself around on it. It was also dangerous because he could grab onto things and stand up and take a big tumble once whatever he was holding got dislodged and he lost his balance.

The other thing was, it’s not really tiring to crawl, compared to walking. He could crawl around for hours and not get tired. Which meant, I would have to stay right next to him for hours. It was rather boring and under stimulating for him and certainly not the most entertaining time for me either. Continue reading

Ean Took His First Steps!

Processed with Snapseed.It was just three days ago that I posted this photo on Instagram, saying how relieved I was that Ean didn’t start walking as soon as he learned to stand on his own and from out of nowhere, today he just let go of the wall and started walking around the house.

It took every bit of my discipline not to start jumping around and dancing instead of just quietly walking after him filming, obviously with a lot of high pitched encouragement and “azzizi basma ganoookh!” (don’t ask).


That One Thing I’ve Been Waiting For

family-1-yearEver since we started getting ready for the birth of Ean, I always knew or assumed that Ana and he would have a special bond. After all, she is his creator and the first “thing” he’s known in this world. I just assumed that over the first couple of months, and including hearing my voice and presence while he was still in the belly, he would gradually get closer to me.

After 4 months, when Ana went back to work and I took on the roll of stay at home dad, he was still all about mama. I thought for sure, now that he would be with me for the majority of the time, we would finally bond. It didn’t happen as he was constantly waiting for her to appear. When he finally got his mom-time for his daily boob lunch and when she finally came home after work he was over the moon, and I was over the hill. Happy about being a father, but exhausted from always being basically invisible for him when his mother was around… it slowly started gnawing on me and my confidence as a father.

There were many days where I would quickly pass him onto her as soon as soon she came home from work and I’d go into another room just to be alone and gather myself for a moment. At the time I didn’t know exactly why. I guess I thought I was just an exhausted parent, taking a moment for myself before returning into the living room with them because, after all, I missed being with them, all three of us together as a family. Continue reading

Ean is 9 Months Today

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Today marks a special day for me especially, and it’s bigger than the 1, 3 or 6 months mark. This is special because since his creation he has officially been in moms world and the outside world the same amount of time.

As a father, it has sometimes been a struggle to achieve or maintain the same importance as his mother. Some days it’s been hard on the ego and the heart that he always prefers her to me and for brief moments, even though he spends most time (awake) with me, she’s always number one. It’s hard not to envy that connection… But it’s a beautiful connection to behold and a connection that will continue to evolve and change as his needs and personality evolves.

When Ana was pregnant we were worried that he wouldn’t get as attached to her as to me due to her working away from home, but our worries were for nothing because the first chance he gets he jumps out of anything just to be in his mother’s arms and that is a testament both to her amazing traits as a mother and for the love that he has for her.

Since we started talking about having a baby I always maintained the position that I wanted to be more of the fun uncle rather than the father, carefully and with hesitation excusing myself from the duties and responsibilities of being a father. Let’s say that changed very quick and I will be very honest and say there is nothing I have done in my life that has given me such a profound sense of humility and love in such a pure and profound way. He is just so amazing.

I know it’s programmed into our DNA to love and adore our children and whether or not it is that physical instinct or emotional bond between us, being a father has truly changed me at the core of my being.

Not just how I perceive the world and us humans who inhabit it, but also how I see my parents, my friends and the biggest of all… Ana.

That affection, love and appreciation that I have for this woman has reached a new height and keeps climbing for each day that passes as I see her develop and evolve as a woman, friend, partner and as a mother.

So on this day I salute Ana and Ean for helping me creating this tiny little beautiful universe of ours that I am so honored to share with you guys. If you feel like it, I would very much appreciate you helping me reach more people with my stories. So if you like this project, please share this post or the Fatherologist page on your social media. Thank you for all support!