How To Settle Your Child At Daycare

how to settle your child at daycareYesterday we finished the 2 weeks settling period for Ean at the new daycare. It was one hell of a ride, full of discussion, arguments and adaptation. Halfway into the first week I stopped their method because nobody knows my son like I know him (I mean, obviously 12 hours a day together since birth will do that to you). I asked them to trust me and they reluctantly did, with very good results. Within 2 days of applying my anchor method, he was well on his way to a cry-free experience.

Wait, what?! How?

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I’m Saying NO to Daycare

day-careYesterday I went back to daycare with Ean for the first time in a few months. I told them, if he cries for more than 5-10 minutes and doesn’t settle, bring him out to me. I was sitting in the lobby and waiting to make sure he was okay before I left but I could hear him screaming and crying despite the loud music they were trying to distract him with (as if loud anything has ever helped anyone who’s panicking and feeling scared). After 15 minutes I asked someone to go check on him. She came back and told me he had cried a bit but that he was fine now, however I could still hear crying. I walked closer to the door of where he was to make sure it was actually him, it absolutely was and against daycare policy I walked in quickly and took him. He was crying really hard, sweaty, panicky and out of breath. I had seen enough. Continue reading