The 3 Day Sickness Rule

the 3 day sickness rule2I have an, according to myself, general healthy distrust of doctors. As a parent, this is very important because Ean wasn’t even born yet when we were already getting stupid advice from actual educated professionals. Everything from suggesting C-section without cause and misreading the ultrasound, to advocating formula over breastmilk.

Regarding colds and similar sickness I wrote a bit of a shopping list for parents to pick up, just to have as a first aid kit in case your kid gets sick in the middle of the night and running to the pharmacy isn’t an option. You can read it by clicking here.

What I haven’t talked about though is my 3 day rule for being sick. In our family, this applies to all of us. It’s simple, if your symptoms have not reached their peak after 3 days, on the 4th day you go to the doctor (unless it’s a serious illness with high fever or any other dangerous or health/life threatening symptoms, of course!)

Ana is the type who wants to go see the doctor at the first sneeze or cough. I’m the opposite. What is the doctor going to say? Yup, that’s a sneeze alright, here are some pills. Pills and medicin in general are something you should be cautious with. I’m not talking about vaccinations, obviously, get those, don’t be a damn troglodyte! I’m talking about antibiotics and other type of medicin that doctors sign off on as if they were Tic Tac’s. Continue reading

When Baby’s Get Sick

when-baby-get-sickFew things are more painful than seeing your child in pain and suffering, even if it’s just a cold, especially the first one. It was bad timing for us, but it was also the best timing. Having a sick child when you have family visiting isn’t the most fun way to spend holidays together but having family around when your child is sick is a godsend because everyone helps out and takes care of each other.

You never know when it’s going to hit and once it does it can be a biohazard zone of bodily fluids dispersed all over the place. With that in mind there are a few things you should have at home at all times in case of sickness and you might not be able to get to a pharmacy. Continue reading