The Cloth Diaper Winners!


A few weeks back I had a competition with Imsevimse‘s cloth diapers. A lot of emails came in and two winners were randomly selected. A big thank you to Imsevimse for providing the prizes and a huge thank you to all my readers who wrote and shared their heartfelt compliments with the Fatherologist project. I want you all to know it means a lot and I’m very happy to be able to share this experience and knowledge with you all.

A special thanks to the winners as well who were kind enough to share their photos of their kids enjoying their new earth friendly cloth diapers.


windiapersAfter the big review of cloth diapers last week, the manufacturer of my favorite all-in-one diapers Imsevimse reached out to me to give away some free cloth diapers. I decided to turn it into a competition. All you have to do to enter, is answering the following question:

Which were the four names we were considering for our son?

To get a chance to win, share the Fatherologist page on Facebook and email the right answer to:

Two winners will be selected and each one will receive 2 of my favorite all-in-one cloth diapers courtesy of Imsevimse, including shipping, completely free. If you haven’t already checked out the review, do it right now:

Until next time, stay curious & get educated!

Cloth Diapers Information & Reviews

It’s been two months since Ean was born and since his birth we have been using cloth diapers, almost exclusively. In retrospect, comparing the simple repetitive act of changing diapers, there isn’t really a big difference between cloth and disposable. The big differences come into play when we talk about how much trash is being produced and how much money we throw in that mountain of trash. This review will hopefully shed some light and clarity on the subject in a simple way.

I have compared several different brands and types of cloth diapers to determine which is best and why I think that. All of them have been used on a daily basis for the past two months. Read on for my verdicts. Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Manufacturers – What’s The Difference? (BTBB)


BTBB – Before The Baby’s Born is a series where I compare something I imagine how it’s going to be and what it actually is like After The Baby’s Born (ATBB).

In my previous article about the pros and cons of cloth diapering I was going through some of the differences between cloth diapers and disposable. Now, to dive deeper into the pile of diaper, to get a better idea, I reached out to big and small companies around Europe to ask if they would like to take part in a review of their products.

Ironically, some of the biggest names on the market did not want to participate, stating that they are “too small” as a brand to participate in these kind of reviews. As a brand that represents a reform of sorts, I think it doesn’t matter how big or small you pretend to be but that your ambition is to reach out as much as possible and expose yourself to untapped audiences, such as the lovely people of Malta. Here almost nobody has heard of cloth diapers except for the old granny versions, unless you’re talking to a vegan tree hugger. I joke, relax! You’ve probably met an environmentally conscious, recycling, organic-centric, thrifty person.

I digress… Continue reading

Cloth Diapers VS Disposable Diapers (BTBB)


BTBB – Before The Baby’s Born is a series where I compare something I imagine how it’s going to be and what it actually is like After The Baby’s Born (ATBB).

One of the first things you’ll have to deal with when the baby is born is of course the diapers. I’ll be completely honest, I just recently learned about cloth diapers. I just assumed it was one of those things of yesteryear. Turns out, it’s actually a quite large and growing industry. Continue reading