I Will Raise My Son Atheist

i will raise my son atheistTo me, God and religion in general have no place in the world more than Harry Potter, Greek mythology or Thor’s mighty hammer. They’re cultural stories, guidelines, threats and rules for how to live, all of which belong to an old society and our entertained imagination.

I’m of Assyrian decent which means religion plays a part of the culture I grew up in, so I was raised Christian. Despite that, I feel very uneasy around religious people, even as a kid, and I denounced my Christianity very early as I stepped out of childhood. As a teenager I read the Koran, Bhagavad Gita and of course the Bible as well only to find that they were pretty much all about the same thing, sucom to Gods will, or else…

My teenage revolt was not to go wild, but to meditate. Instead of books, I looked for answers from where I thought it mattered the most, within. Every day I would sit in my room and meditate to try to find myself and the answers I was looking for.

What had been taught, expected or preached to me was not what I connected with, so I tried to find my own answers with a constantly echoing question of why. I questioned everything from my parents, society, the world, even myself and the universe itself, because God was not the answer to any of it. Continue reading