Do It Today

Look, I get it. There are good days and bad days and endless diaper changing, mess cleaning, laundry doing days. Some days we’re hanging on just by a thread. But you know what? The cleaning and laundry can wait. It’s important to remember that these days are never coming back, today will be gone forever when tomorrow rolls in and one of those tomorrows will be your last day on earth.

You can holler YOLO and carpe diem or call those who do, crazy. But, whatever you do, be present, be in the moment. Not just for your kids to have good memories of you, but for yourself to absorb the most out of what’s out there for you. It may not be the sea, it may not be lavish or luxurious but there is beauty and peace everywhere, whether it’s in the woods, at the playground, in the park or simply anywhere in the company of a good friend.

So wherever you are in the world, whatever your surroundings look like. Get out, go somewhere, do something, see or experience something and just be with your kids. Do it today because if tomorrow is your last day you’ll be thankful for yesterday.

Relationship Negotiations & Finding Balance


Initially, this was going to be a post about the details of how we changed our schedule, but it turned out to be a bigger topic than that, so bare with me as I take you through it.

When Ean was 4 months old, Ana went back to work. Since then and up to recently, this had been our schedule.

06-07: Ean wakes up and I take him out for a walk.
**09:He sleeps.
10-12: He wakes up.
13: Ana picks him up at the gym and I go to have my workout.
**15: He sleeps.
16-17: He wakes up.
18: Ana comes home.

Due to his long naps, I still managed to get work done from home but it put me in house arrest for the most part of the day and because I had to wake up so early, my days became very long, stressful. By the time Ana got home I had little or no energy left to be a decent human being for her or myself.

This arrangement had been gnawing on me for a long time over the past year and lately I was feeling overwhelmed and “on the edge”. I was moody and grumpy, couldn’t get any house improvements done because either Ean was sleeping or I was doing stuff with him. All I could do was wash and clean and quite frankly I was sick of it. As I’m writing this, my TV still hasn’t been mounted to the wall! (by the end of this day, it will!)

These issues can be what drags relationships down into the gutter. You don’t see a way out, there is no change or improvement and even though I told Ana several times that I was getting worse and something had to change, neither one of us had a good solution to how to fix it. Last week I had enough and I snapped. Continue reading

The Biggest Benefits Of Starting To Walk

the-biggest-benefits-of-starting-to-walkAs I was saying last week, everyone will tell you what a big change it is when baby starts walking. The hazards, the horror stories, the constant running after, but there is one thing nobody mentioned; energy depletion!

Once Ean had started crawling at the age of 7 months, the world opened itself up to him and there were so many things to discover and do. For me it meant constantly cleaning the floor because he was dragging himself around on it. It was also dangerous because he could grab onto things and stand up and take a big tumble once whatever he was holding got dislodged and he lost his balance.

The other thing was, it’s not really tiring to crawl, compared to walking. He could crawl around for hours and not get tired. Which meant, I would have to stay right next to him for hours. It was rather boring and under stimulating for him and certainly not the most entertaining time for me either. Continue reading

When Baby’s Get Sick

when-baby-get-sickFew things are more painful than seeing your child in pain and suffering, even if it’s just a cold, especially the first one. It was bad timing for us, but it was also the best timing. Having a sick child when you have family visiting isn’t the most fun way to spend holidays together but having family around when your child is sick is a godsend because everyone helps out and takes care of each other.

You never know when it’s going to hit and once it does it can be a biohazard zone of bodily fluids dispersed all over the place. With that in mind there are a few things you should have at home at all times in case of sickness and you might not be able to get to a pharmacy. Continue reading

His Distraction – My Productivity

When you have a baby, very little time belongs to you. You can usually not leave the room and often barely look away from baby unless you have some kind of distraction. Toys don’t really work with Ean, he plays with them for a few minutes but then he gets bored. As I mentioned in my post about toys and babies I’m not interested in buying a million toys to keep his short attention span occupied to the point where my house looks like a toy factory.

Ever since he was born, he wanted to observe and study, not an unusual interest for a newborn. Regardless if it was at the shapes in the visual stimulation videos or if it meant simply staring into the ceiling fan as it spun around, toys never gave him the same stimulation.

About a month ago when the house renovation was settling down I still found that I wasn’t able to be productive, neither with stuff around the house nor with my work. Against my will (believe me, I hate repetitive children songs) Ana insisted that I try a Youtube Channel called Super Simple Songs. I refused for the sake of my sanity but when I saw how easily she could spend 20 minutes folding clothes with him chilling in his seat watching and listening to “the wheels of the bus go round and round…” and other timeless classics, I decided I had to try. Continue reading

Parenting classes – Do You Need To Be Taught The Oldest Job In The World?

parenting-classesWhether you’ve planned it or not, the news about becoming a parent will throw you for a loop. Once you’ve recovered from the initial shock, the reality of the daunting task’s ahead will slowly come seeping down into your consciousness. One of them will be the inexplicably panicking question of “Will I be able to handle it?”. Continue reading

Choosing The Right Stroller/Pushchair/Pram

oyster-approved2About four months into the pregnancy we decided it was time to start looking at which stroller we should buy. Being that we are first time parents we had absolutely no clue what to look for or what to consider when buying. What I knew for sure was that the comfort of… do you say driving? Pushing? Let’s say handling. The highest priority was how the stroller managed different surfaces and how easy it was handling it regardless if I was out for a brisk walk or slipping past people in a crowded place. We spent weeks and visited every possible shop in Malta which had different brands and ironically enough, we ended up picking the first one we saw.

The first thing to understand is that there is no such thing as the perfect stroller. Depending on your lifestyle and habits you will want to have something that matches that. So, let’s start from the bottom (now we’re here. #drake). Continue reading

T Minus 10 weeks ’til Touchdown! (Recap of Pregnancy)


Oh it’s getting really real! We’ve just entered the 31st week of pregnancy and should be less than 10 weeks from birth. Ana is looking, doing and feeling great. Yes, she’s a ball and it’s getting a bit harder to breath comfortably at times due to the pressure of the ever growing baby but everything seems to be on track and we’re approaching the finishing line. What has the pregnancy been like up until now? Continue reading