Ean At Swimming Class After 3 Months

For about 3 months now, we’ve been taking Ean to swimming class once a week. First time we put him in water was at the tender age of 7 weeks, and that was straight into the warm and lovely July Mediterranean. He’s grown a lot and come a long way since then and it’s an absolute joy to go swimming with him, yes even if he looks scared to death when he’s under water! :D

If you are planning to get into it, make sure baby is well fed (obviously not too close in time to the swim) and well rested before you try because the whole experience is overwhelming and quite exhausting. The new impressions may be a bit scary but regardless of the learning curve of your child, once they’ve got it down… it’ll be a lot of fun! Ean always sleeps like a bear in hibernation once we get home, which is a great bonus.

Get Better Photos, After They’re Taken

IMG_1648Being a parent is 10% parenting and 90% taking pictures and videos, okay not quite. But a lot of us love snapping pics of our kids and families and more often than not they don’t make it pass the screen of your device or onto social media. Regardless of what the reason is for you taking those pictures it’s always nice to be able to tweak and adjust to make them look as good as they can. I mean, let’s face it… sometimes, many times, almost always, the moment is more important than the beauty of the photo, but if you can make it look better after they’re taken, why not?

I’m a photographer, actually a media producer with 15 years professional experience and I’ve been working with Photoshop for a solid 20 years (yeah, I’m that old). Back then I was doing rave posters and trippy flyers for my fellow electronic music loving friends, back when people were still mosh-pitting to the tunes of Nirvana and Green Day.

I digress…

You don’t need a computer, nor do you need a professional application like Photoshop to make simple but great looking edits. All you need is Snapseed (available for both iOS and Android) and the device you used to take the photo.

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Use Your Phone Or Tablet As Baby Monitor!

baby-monitorBefore I start, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates. I stumbled upon a new career as a project manager for house renovations and constructions and being a full time stay at home dad at the same time, all while trying to maintain my work as media producer and dedicated hubby… let’s just say my time is limited and I’ve had to make some sacrifices. This means I will be pushing the pedal to the metal to churn out content here on a more frequent basis but condensing it in the name of efficiency. I hope you will still appreciate what I deliver and that you find it worthy to read and share with your friends on your social media. Now, on with the show…

Traditional baby monitors have been around for a long time and they work pretty well, when they’re not being hacked by someone on the other end whispering murderous nothings to your child who probably thinks he’s losing his mind. Prices vary from 50 – 300 euro depending on brands and features, but there is a way to use your mobile device, tablet or laptop to do the exact same thing, almost completely free.

You install an app on one device that acts like the baby monitor, and the other device acts like the receiver. From the receiver you get notifications, you can turn on the light if it’s dark and see live streaming audio and video and some even have motion detection. In the settings you can choose how sensitive the microphone and camera is and once you pair the devices with each other, you’re good to go. Continue reading

Ean Turns 10 Months

ean 10 month

I’m a big fan of symbols, places, dates. Basically anything that roots you. This picture was taken exactly, on the minute 10 months after Ean was born. On this day 10 months ago at 7:35 AM he came into this world and we’ve spent countless mornings, sunrises and afternoons under this sun on these beaches. Pretty soon he will be up and running, which means I will probably lose any overweight, chasing him. I know I will regret saying this but, I can’t wait. We’ve got some really amazing times ahead, however long they last. Yeah leave it to me to be morbid on my sons birthday.