How Many Toys Are Too Many Toys? (BTBB)


BTBB – Before The Baby’s Born is a series where I compare something I imagine how it’s going to be and what it actually is like After The Baby’s Born (ATBB).

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents, is the constant cleaning up and organizing of toys. I never understood this and now as I embark on becoming a father myself, I still don’t understand it.

I mean, the math is easy. If there are no toys to take out, there are no toys to put back. No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your child toys… but isn’t there a better balance to be maintained if it is such a daily battle for you to deal with? Continue reading

Choosing The Right Stroller/Pushchair/Pram

oyster-approved2About four months into the pregnancy we decided it was time to start looking at which stroller we should buy. Being that we are first time parents we had absolutely no clue what to look for or what to consider when buying. What I knew for sure was that the comfort of… do you say driving? Pushing? Let’s say handling. The highest priority was how the stroller managed different surfaces and how easy it was handling it regardless if I was out for a brisk walk or slipping past people in a crowded place. We spent weeks and visited every possible shop in Malta which had different brands and ironically enough, we ended up picking the first one we saw.

The first thing to understand is that there is no such thing as the perfect stroller. Depending on your lifestyle and habits you will want to have something that matches that. So, let’s start from the bottom (now we’re here. #drake). Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Manufacturers – What’s The Difference? (BTBB)


BTBB – Before The Baby’s Born is a series where I compare something I imagine how it’s going to be and what it actually is like After The Baby’s Born (ATBB).

In my previous article about the pros and cons of cloth diapering I was going through some of the differences between cloth diapers and disposable. Now, to dive deeper into the pile of diaper, to get a better idea, I reached out to big and small companies around Europe to ask if they would like to take part in a review of their products.

Ironically, some of the biggest names on the market did not want to participate, stating that they are “too small” as a brand to participate in these kind of reviews. As a brand that represents a reform of sorts, I think it doesn’t matter how big or small you pretend to be but that your ambition is to reach out as much as possible and expose yourself to untapped audiences, such as the lovely people of Malta. Here almost nobody has heard of cloth diapers except for the old granny versions, unless you’re talking to a vegan tree hugger. I joke, relax! You’ve probably met an environmentally conscious, recycling, organic-centric, thrifty person.

I digress… Continue reading

T Minus 10 weeks ’til Touchdown! (Recap of Pregnancy)


Oh it’s getting really real! We’ve just entered the 31st week of pregnancy and should be less than 10 weeks from birth. Ana is looking, doing and feeling great. Yes, she’s a ball and it’s getting a bit harder to breath comfortably at times due to the pressure of the ever growing baby but everything seems to be on track and we’re approaching the finishing line. What has the pregnancy been like up until now? Continue reading

National Identity in a Multilingual Home

Hello word cloud in different languagesMy father was born in Iraq, my mother in Iran. Both of them are of Assyrian decent. I was born in Iran and because my parents are Assyrian, we speak Assyrian with each other and I call myself Assyrian. Due to the inconvenience of risking having our heads chopped off by muslims during the Islamic revolution, we fled Iran when I was only one year old.

I grew up in a small Swedish suburb, one of very few immigrants. I was well integrated and obviously spoke the language fluently and flawlessly. At home we spoke Assyrian but the rest of my linguistic stimulation was Swedish. 30 years later I moved to Malta. Continue reading

Breastfeeding – Being a Man about it

breastfeeding2Let’s face it, you’re a guy and breasts are interesting and fascinating for completely different reasons than breastfeeding. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what it means to breastfeed and what the benefits are for your woman and child. It also doesn’t mean that men can genetically switch off their fundamentally programmed instincts when it comes to the female form and what we associate it with. Continue reading